2016 October

Climbing in Geyikbayiri, Turkey

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We asked Siri to tell us about starting a climbing camp in Turkey and what she loves about the area.

Q: When did it all start?

The first contact with Turkey came in 2002. We were invited to a wedding from a good friend from Munich of Turkish heritage. We decided to stay some more days in Turkey and took our climbing gear with us and as a precaution the Hilti too. Tobi found the Turkish webpage of the region developer Öztürk. After 2 recovery days, we packed up and moved from the coast into the mountains, and saw then for the first time the marvellous rock faces of Geyikbayiri. After some days of climbing and bolting the idea and wish to eventually stay here grew pretty quickly within us.
In the summer of 2003 founded the Jo.Si.To. GmbH. After placing ourselves in this foreign culture and dealing and struggling with diverse bureaucratic situations, we are happy to life and climb here in this magic climbing area Geyikbayiri.
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Climbing in Colombia

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We asked Eric Gomez to tell us about the Climbing in Colombia and what he loves about the area.

Q: What is special about this area?

A: The climbing in Colombia is special because climbing is a relatively new sport. So if you’re a climber here, you’re part of something new and part of something that will someday be big (as evidenced in the rest of the world). It is also special because of how different the crags are – not just the type of rock or style, but the environment and the culture of the locals. Colombia is a country divided in three by the Andes. Because of this separation, and how hard it was in olden times to travel, Colombia has areas with very different cultures and accents. Traveling to new places and getting to know them all while practicing the best sport in the world is too enjoyable.

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