Climbing in Sintra, Portugal

Climbing in Sintra, Portugal

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December 29, 2016

We asked Julika to tell us about the Climbing in Sintra, Portugal and what she loves about the area.

Q: What is special about this area?

A: Perfect mix of sea,mountains and conditions for different kinds of sports.

Loads of rest day stuff to do, monuments, history and gastronomy.

Q: What is the style of climbing in this area?

A: There’s many kinds of different styles, but i would say fontainebleuish style for bouldering. Very varied on sport climbing, but limestone climbing style.


Q: What type of rock is in this area?

A: Around the Sintra mountains to the south Limestone, to the north Limestone and Basalt. In the mountains granit.

Q: What types of climbing are there?

A: Theres a good offer on bouldering in and around the moutains. A few sport crags, mainly sea cliffs. And a nice inland granit crag which gives a little feeling of alpine climbing. A really good trad offer, both at sea cliffs as inland, usually on granit. But there’s also a nice basalt trad carg, with nice crack-climbing. Last but not least there’s very small DWS spot.


Q: What crags/sections are your favorites – and why?

A: That’s a hard one..

-Penedo da amizade, slab climbing on granit overlooking Sintra all the way to the sea is priceless.

-Espinhaço, trad climbing  over a wild atlantic ocean is always exiting.

– Albarrasintra road might be my favorite bouldering sector, because there’s a lot of different smaller sectors as different in climbing style as the rock or the vegetation.

Q: What things are there to see or do on rest-days?

A: In Sintra, all the rich, and usually packed, history of the town with its palaces and castles. Around Sintra there’s also rich cultural heritage inviting for a stroll. You can always eat and drink, every small town has it’s own little speciality. Lisbon is ab city you have to see at leas ones in you life. And becarful because you always will come back to it.

And the best of all:  You can surf, learn to surf or just enjoy to try it out on the beautiful beaches like Praia Grande, Guincho and Carcavelos with us! 


Q: What you recommend?

A: Come and join us at SaltyWay and enjoy to climb or to climb &surf with us.

Q: What time of the year is best for climbing there?

A: All year, but September to October and March to June, might have the best conditions

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